Japan Aerospace Exploration Agencys

 The following table is interview about the WINDS experiment to the user.

Theme Writer Date
17th - “8 years from the launch, there are various usages of KIZUNA in many places.” Dr. Maki Akioka
Research Promotion Expert
Planning Office
Wireless Network Research Institute
National Institute of
Information and Communications Technology
Mar 30,2016
16th - Through "Kizuna" experiment promotion Teruo Kawasugi
Use Information Systems Group
Space Systems Engineering Division Space Business Department I
Space Engineering Development Co., Ltd
Mar 30,2015
15th - Through the private experiments for "Kizuna" Communications Experiments for Real Use SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation
Space & Defence Div.
Assistance Manager
Ms. Kumata Kyoko
Mar 24,2015
14th - "Kizuna" and "Sagamihara city" Manabu Sakamoto
Emergency Measures Section,
Crisis Management Office, Sagamihara city
Mar 19,2015
13th - The possibilities and issues opened from the satellite application demonstration experiment (disaster prevention training) 2014, for the coming Nankai Trough Earthquake Disaster which Japan Medical Association conducted. Faculty of Medical Science, Kyushu University
Department of Advanced Medical Initiatives,
Disaster and Emergency Medicine
Assistant Professor

Japan Medical Association Research Institute
Visiting Researcher
Takashi Nagata
Mar 18,2015
12th - To be more reliable "Kizuna". Naokiyo Koshikawa
Associate Senior Engineer
Satellite Applications and Promotion Center
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Jun 5,2014
11th - "Satellite communication supports to activities in disaster medical site". Tatsuo Ono
Disaster medical technician
DMAT secretariat
National Disaster medical Center
Mar 26,2014
10th - "Kizuna" supports Port Improvements in an Isolated Island by High Speed, Large Capacity and Continuous Connection Communications. Mr. Yasuhiro Takahashi
Director of specific remote islands section
Tokyo Port Office
Kanto Regional Development Bureau
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
Mar 11,2014
9th - Wakayama is Japan's first prefecture which used "KIZUNA" for alternative route connection experiment of backbone network system. Mr. Kazuaki Kikuyama
Chief Engineer
Network Section, Information Policy Division,
Policy Planning Bureau,
Planning Department, Wakayama Prefecture
Nov 1,2013
8th - About "KIZUNA" application experiments. Masayuki Koshino
Association of Radio Industries and Businesses Manager
Mar 21,2013
7th - socialization experiment of “KIZUNA”. Yoshinori Maeda
General Manager,
Space Business Development Division.
"Space&Satellite Business Group.
SKY Perfect JSAT
Feb 15,2013
6th - Importance of information sharing at the time of disaster learned in the demonstration experiments by Japan Medical Association (JMA). Dr. Masami Ishii
Executive Board Member
Japan Medical Association
Dec 28,2012
5th - Securing communications in the event of the large-scale disaster outbreak including Nankai earthquake. Koichi Sakai
Crisis management and
Disaster Prevention Division
Crisis management unit, Kochi Prefecture
Sep 13,2012
4th - Expectation for evolution of the healthcare against disaster by utilization of satellite communications. Atsufumi Kawauchi, M.D.
Healthcare Policy Division
Health Policy Department
Kochi Prefectural Govenment
Jun 6,2012
3rd - Toward the utilization of satellite Internet with everyday communication systems Makoto Bando
Assistant Director
Crisis Management Policy Division
Tokushima Prefectural Government
May 23,2012
2nd - One step toward the Digital Divide Elimination on the ocean Yasuo Tougo
Executive Director
Ferry Sunflower Limited
May 9,2012
1st - Aiming at community planning that resists a disaster Ichiro Nakamura
Director-General The Wide-area Coastal
Promotion Bureau Iwate Prefecture(Previous occupation)
Mar 30,2012