Japan Aerospace Exploration Agencys

Isolated Town Communication Training (Wakayama prefecture)

Experiment Date

March 15, 2013 - March 16, 2013

Experiment Agency

Wakayama Prefecture, JAXA

Location of Experiment

Wakayama Prefecture Headquarter South Annex: Komatsubara-street, Wakayama-city, Wakayama prefecture
Naka Promotion Bureaus: Takatsuka, Iwade-city, Wakayama prefecture
JAXA Tsukuba Space Center: Internet Gateway Station

Outline of Experiment  At the training on collection and transmission of information conducted by Wakayama prefecture, JAXA performed the communication training aimed at connecting “Kizuna” and Wakayama prefecture backbone network named as "Kinokuni e-Net" under the assumption that Iwade city was isolated by disconnection of terrestrial communication due to flood damage by a typhoon.


Result of Experiment

◆Backbone network connection by Kizuna’s Internet connection
 By connecting Kizuna earth station installed at a virtual stricken area (Wakayama Prefecture Headquarters South Annex) to Wakayama prefecture backbone network via the Internet (using Internet connection gateway at Tsukuba Space Center), it was verified that Thin Client, Financial Accounting System, File Sharing Server and others for regular routines were available.

 If any terrestrial communication is disconnected due to disaster, the systems for regular routines are available ongoingly by installing Kizuna earth station. Because the communication speed of “Kizuna” is higher than other commercial satellites, people don’t feel uncomfortable against time delay compared to a normal performance.

      Wakayama Prefecture Headquarters           Experimental site
          South Annex: Portable VSAT

◆Backbone network connection by using two earth stations
 By connecting between Wakayama Prefecture Headquarters South Annex and Naka Promotion Bureaus assumed as virtual stricken area by two earth stations, respectively, it was verified that Thin Client, Financial Accounting System, File Sharing Server and others for regular routines were available.

 The taggedVLAN*used for Wakayama prefecture backbone network cannot connect to communication by “Kizuna”. However, the system can be used maintaining the security by introducing encapsulation with IPsec(Ether over IP).

 *taggedVLAN: Method to distinguish VLAN groups by short fixed length tag attached to the Ethernet Frame

 In response to the resource of Kizuna earth station and the magnitude of disaster, there is a choice between the connection to backbone network via the Internet or the direct connection between two earth stations at each site. VPN router necessary for encapsulation is available in the market and the packet size of ground network equipment is not required to change. It is one of the advantages of “Kizuna” that the connection with equipment for existing ground network is easy.

   Naka Promotion Bureaus: Portable VSAT         Experimental site