Japan Aerospace Exploration Agencys

Emergency communication network provides training to local governments affected areas

Experiment Date

3 times a year (Continuous Experiment)

Experiment Agency

Non-Profit Organization NPO Aichi Net

Location of Experiment

Tsukuba Space Center

Outline of Experiment

  JAXA and Non-Profit Organization NPO Aichi Net have been providing trainings for support staff continuously in order to have an Internet connection and others at a shelter by providing stricken local governments with satellite communications of “Kizuna” and “Kiku No.8” for emergency use.

Experimental Results

Training for Installation and Operation of Earth station
  NPO Aichi Net staff received trainings for operation of “Kizuna” portable USAT and VSAT as well as for installation and operation of “Kiku No.8” antenna and portable terminal.
  In the simulated situation at stricken areas such as a virtual stricken area and virtual disaster countermeasures headquarters, the staff trained for antenna installation (Kiku No.8) and satellite link establishment respectively. After that, the staff connected Internet to train for communication using Skype.
  As the result of trainings, it was confirmed that the staff could operate properly to provide the Internet environment to victims and related people.
  These trainings will be conducted continuously to keep and improve skills of staff in the future.

Scene of “Kizuna” earth station operation training

Scene of “Kiku No.8” earth station installation training

Scene of communication training

Installed earth stations