Japan Aerospace Exploration Agencys

Great East Japan Earthquake Support Activity (Iwate prefecture)

Experiment Date

March 20, 2011 - April 24, 2011

Experiment Agency

Iwate Prefecture, JAXA

Location of Experiment

Iwate Prefecture HQ Office Disaster countermeasures headquarters
Kamaishi city On-site countermeasures headquarters : Wide-area Coastal Promotion Bureau
Ofunato city On-site countermeasures headquarters : Wide-area Coastal Promotion Bureau
JAXA Tsukuba Space Center Internet Gateway Station

Outline of Experiment

 In response to the Great East Japan Earthquake, JAXA has established the broadband environment using “Kizuna” between Iwate Prefecture HQ Office (Disaster countermeasures headquarters), Kamaishi City and Ofunato City (On-site countermeasures headquarters) and has provided HDTV conference systems and wireless LAN systems.

Result of Experiment

 Three ground stations, (a portable VSAT at Iwate Prefecture HQ Office, a portable VSAT at the site of Ofunato city and, s portable USAT at the site of Kamaishi city) have been installed and have been connected to the Internet from HDR-VSAT installed at Tsukuba Space Center via “Kizuna”.
 ”Kizuna” Disaster Prevention Network has been established by installing not only partable ground stations such as VSAT/USAT, but general network equipment such as L3 Switch, Performance Enhancing Proxy and others .

   Iwate Prefecture HQ Office: Portable VSAT        Kamaishi city: Portable USAT

     Ofunato city: Portable VSAT           Tsukuba Space Center: HDR-VSAT

◆Information sharing by HDTV conference system,
 The Great East Japan Earthquake posed a problem for information sharing to grasp disaster situations and to summarize them between Iwate prefecture HQ Office and on-site countermeasures headquarters, because in Iwate prefecture, cellular phones have been unusable for three days after the earthquake and after that the broadband Internet to connect to HQ office has not been available.
 Therefore, by connecting between three sites of HQ office and on-site office with TV conference system via “Kizuna”, it has become possible to participate in the liaison and coordination meeting held at Iwate prefecture HQ Office in real-time. And this TV conference system contributed toward information sharing and exchange of ideas.

    Iwate prefecture HQ office:        Kamaishi city: On-site countermeasures headquarters
 Disaster countermeasures headquarters

 This time in Iwate prefecture the TV conference system was used at three sites only, but a multi-point connection to over three sites is also available, if an application has a necessary function to respond to “Kizuna”.
 Furthermore, information sharing with people all over the world is available by using the Internet via “Kizuna” at once.

◆Transmitting and collecting information by the Internet
 At the Disaster countermeasures headquarters of Iwate Prefecture HQ Office, the wireless LAN access point was installed and was used by dispatched staff from various support agencies. Especially, before and after images obtained by the earth observation satellite, ALOS (PALSAR and AVNIR), of stricken areas at coasstafftal area were downloaded via “Kizuna” and were used for the visualization of planning and monitoring the status of rubbles removal.

 At on-site countermeasures headquarters of Kamaishi and Ofunato city, a wireless LAN access point and three notebook PCs were installed at the entrance lobby accessible to the public, so that the public could use the Internet freely. The Internet was used by victims and support staff dispatched from various agencies to coastal areas. Dispatched staff could use webmail to report to each agency and to confirm the transportation means, the road restoration state, the route to disastered areas and others. Victims could collect information related to the earthquake such as safety confirmation, evacuation centers , retrieving refugees and disaster situation.

          Kamaishi city:On-site                  Ofunato city:On-site
       countermeasures headquarters           countermeasures headquarters