Japan Aerospace Exploration Agencys

Emergency communications experiments by JAXA are introduced, including actual achievements of support activities to the Great East Japan Earthquake and ongoing experiments performed jointly with local governments and disaster prevention organizations.

Experiments named as “Utilization Demonstration Experiments” have been performed in order to promote further utilization by Kizuna and to provide feedback for future communication satellites, by incorporating fresh ideas and initiatives from Private Companies.


Experiments performed by mainly private companies using Kizuna are introduced, including technical validation and verification of satellite communications applications.

This website shows the features of Kizuna (WINDS) satellite communication technology and the
examples of plans and results of experiments performed by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
(JAXA),as well as this is aimed at providing information to people who perform experiments by
using Kizuna, who are considering the future application and who have an interest in the future satellite
communications technology / information communication technology.
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